Damascus Shamshir


Shamshir traditionally made with a 600 layer random pattern damascus blade

Materials : Blade and fittings– 15N20 carbon steel, CS80 carbon steel, EN42J carbon steel .

Handle leather over ash.

Blade length is 31 inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide, overall length is 32.5 inches.

The sword weighs 2lb 6oz lb with a point of balance 7 inches into the blade would be a great cutter.

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Here we have this shamshir sword with a traditionally made 600 layer random pattern damascus blade. The blade is forged from 600 layer random pattern damascus (made by myself) and the pattern has more dark than light layers giving a darker blade

The blade pattern is developed by the individual hammer blows that went into making it. The blade guard and pommel are all forged to shape before being ground and finished and the guard and pommel are made from random pattern pattern damascuus. The guard is forge welded from 4 pieces .The pommel is silver soldered leaving it hollow which keeps weight down. The handle is a wood core then a leather wrap.

Due to british law I can only sell this sword to a registered reinactor, martial artists or Sikh for ceremonial use. So please contact us before purchase.

I would be happy to make a sheath for this sword please enquire for a price.