5.5″ Bushcraft Knife ref:959


5.5 inch bushcraft knife

  • Blade dimensions: 5.5 inches long
  • Blade material: 26c3core steel,  420 stainless cladding.
  • Handle: haped burned ash and stainless steel ferrule .and the sheath is leather and copper

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This is a San mai (3 layer) construction with stainless steel iron over a core of hard high carbon steel. A modern twist of the techniques that were used for Saxon and Viking seax and knives. This combination gives the best of both worlds solution with a hard edge and resilient cladding as well as a pleasing contrast between the grainy looking wrought iron and steel edge. The stainless steel resists rusting and the carbon steel gives better sharpenability and edge taking than any stainless steel will. In many ways this is a best of both worlds solution to the limitations of stainless steel. Stainless steel is really a wonder material in many ways but even the most advanced modern stainless steels do not sharpen easily or as well as carbon steel. The other aspect I really love about this material is the way that the interaction of the stainless steel cladding and core can be played with for great visual effect.

The knife tang passes all the way through the handle and is peened over (riveted ) a copper peening washer. The handle is made from fire-blackned ash and has been oiled and waxed. The oak tanned leather sheath is oil impregnated and waxed for durability.

This knife takes its form from the South American Gaucho knives and Japanese Jungle knives. It is a practical outdoor knife rugged and beautifull tool for use in the garden , BBQ or bush.