10″ Bush Forged Cleaver and 5” Paring Knife Camp Kitchen set ref:951


10″ Bush Forged Cleaver and 5” Paring Knife

  • Cleaver Blade dimensions: 10 inches long
  • Paring Blade dimensions: 5 inches long
  • Blade material: En42J Handle: shaped burned ash and copper ferrule and the sheath is leather and copper.

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This is a big and bold forged carbon steel cleaver. Perfect for cleaving through meat or kindling, bridging the gap between knife and axe. It is accompanied by a bush forged paring knife perfect for smaller cutting tasks.

The blade has a polished “Bush Forged” finish. This brings the idea of a kitchen knife back to basics. The hundreds of hammer blows needed to forge the blade shape leave their legacy on the blade’s surface; raw steel forged to shape and then sharpened to a razor edge.

This knife takes its form the South American Gaucho knives and is a practical every use knife stouter than a kitchen knife but practicle and usefull. It is a practical and beautifull tool for use in the garden, BBQ or bush.

The Cleaver tang passes all the way through the handle and is peened over (riveted) a brass peening washer. The handle is made from fire blackened ash and has been oiled and waxed. The oak tanned leather sheath is oil impregnated and waxed for durability.