5 Day Class – Carving a Viking Knife Handle and Sheath with Petr Florianek



This 5 Day Class will give you the rare opportunity to learn Norse Art style carving techniques from one of the world’s most talented, decorative bladesmiths – Petr Florianek. Petr who is based in Prague specializes in this stunning decorative work.

Over the 5 days, with Petr’s guidance you will fit an antler handle, design and carve decorative knotwork with a dremmel (a rotary carving tool) and hand tools onto the antler handle ending up with your very own Norse Art style decorated Viking Knife to take home with you. You will then make a decorated tooled leather sheath to house your knife.

Petr is an amazing teacher of the craft and manages to combine an incredible knowledge of the history and aesthetic of knotwork styles. He combines this with a practical down to earth approach in applying these techniques onto your work. He is one of those rare craftspeople who can explain exactly why he is doing what he does. He knows the best way to get it done. He also speaks perfect English!!

Owen often does collaborations with Petr and in Owen’s words “Petr has the skill to take one of my blades and fix it into a time and place far distant from now. He can weave an authenticity into his knotwork that makes you feel like you are holding a piece of a story in your hand. A knife of Viking legend, a Seax of a Great Warrior or even the humble the eating knife of a hobbit…….”

Materials and safety equipment is provided for this class and this includes:

  • A Wrought iron spined and piled steel edged 5 inch Viking knife blade hand forged by Owen. This in itself would be worth £95 (there is an option for Owen to make you a pattern welded blade at an extra cost if you wish – P.O.A.)
  • The antler handle ready for you to carve.
  • Leather for the sheath.


Class cost: £800


DATE 2017 :   October 2nd – 6th 2017   –   Spaces available


To secure a place on one of these courses please send a 50% deposit……… £400

Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.