Single Edged Pirate Short Cutlass


Single Edged Pirate Short Sword

19.5 inch bladed single edged pirate’s sword. Weighs 2lb .

Material: Patternwelded twisted steel, bronze hilt and pommel, leather wrapped wood cored handle.

Pommel and handle are set with garnets.

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I have always felt an affinity with pirates and Vikings and have been reliably told that a blacksmith is genetically 98% similar to a pirate so there you go! Pirates were the highwaymen of the sea with a sense of adventure, bravado and flair. This sword takes it blade inspirations from the east from the scimitar and naval cutlass. With all the sea faring cultural possibility going on in the pirate world anything is possible and only a little added element of fantasy is needed. Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. This short sword is made with that in mind …not too big as to get in the way or caught in the rigging.

The blade is forged from 30 layers of twisted damascus steel. And the pattern is a story of the processes used to forge the blade. My favourite patternwelding has elements that can be seen from a distance and then subtle patterning in the steel that draw you in, there are 3 steels used in this blade a bright layer and two layers of more subtle differing greys careful or you may become lost in the steel!

The blade shape flairs a little towards the tip and has a fuller blending into flat near the tip of the blade to keep the blades weight down

The guard and pommel are made from bronze and have been forged to shape. There are 4 garnets on the hilt two set into the handle and two bigger ones set into the pommel. The sword is a well weighted short sword nice and light and fast in the hand.