Jarn Hond (Ironhand) Double Edged Viking Sword


Double Edged Patternwelded Viking Sword

34 inch bladed double edged Viking Sword. Weighs 2lb 14oz

Material: Patternwelded steel, patternwelded hilt with, leather wrapped handle.

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This single-handed double-edged Norse sword is patternwelded from many bars of steel. The core of the sword consists of 4 different bars of layered steel that are intermittently twisted and straight along the blade. The 700-layer edge shows subtle patterning and adds to the understated complexity of the twists. My favourite patternwelding has elements that can be seen from a distance and then subtle patterning in the steel that draw you in, careful or you may become lost in the steel!

The guard is made from patternwelded steel, forged and heavily etched to emulate striped inlay. The fittings have given this sword its name “Iron Hand”. They are influenced by Viking inlay techniques that I have retranslated into patternweld! I am very proud of these fittings and they represent some of my best work to date.

The sword is long bladed for a Viking sword but has a good balance to it the point of balance is 7” into the blade and would be a great cutter, without feeling too blade heavy.

I would be happy to make a sheath for this sword please enquire for a price.