Fulham Gladius


Roman short sword

Blade dimensions: 20.5 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide
Blade material: 1095 steel and vintage wrought iron.
Handle: Ebony, walnut & brass fittings

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The blade is forged in a san mai construction (3 layer construction). A wonderful feature of a lot of roman swords is the incredible Celtic craftsmanship that goes into them. The simple 3-part construction of the blade is one way that historical blades of this type were forged. With a core of hardened steel and supporting layers of softer vintage wrought iron. The wrought iron in this blade is made from salvaged vintage church bell clappers that were given to me by the Whitechapel bell foundry before it shut down. I have etched the blade to show the beautiful striated structure of the wrought iron and steel.

The blade is a fulham pattern blade with parallel cutting edge and a very pointy point! The parallel section is ground with a flat diamond section, thin at the edge and the tip is a convex diamond section for sturdiness. The handle is made from ebony and the guard and pommel are burl walnut with brass fittings (and a couple of brass rivets on the peening block.)