Faest Hand (Fast Hand) Single Edged Sword Hilted Seax


Sword Hilted Seax

28″ inch blade.

Weighs 2lb 9oz. POB is 4″ into the blade.

blade is 3mm thick at hilt 2.6 near the tip.

Material: Patternwelded steel, Bronze hilt and pommel , leather wrapped handle .

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From the old English,  Faest means fast (stedfast) , fixed, firm, certain and sure . Fast Hand is a Sword hilted Seax.  Which is a bit of an anomaly,  Seax hilted as swords do exist in the historical record. However the broken back is a strange beast as there are no existing examples that have handles. So in the absence of any evidence a sword handled Seax is a possibility.  Anyhow it is an itch I have been wanting to scratch as a maker for some time now.  A Sword hilted Seax would be more suited for battle, the guard preventing the hand from slipping up the blade, the slightly stiffer blade being more sturdy and certain. The handle allows for either a one handed or two handed grip.

My favourite patternwelding has elements that can be seen from a distance and then subtle patterning in the steel that draw you in, careful or you may become lost in the steel!

This is a complicated patternwelded blade and has 8 bars of steel making up the blade.

The back of the blade is made up of 7 bars, 4 bars of twist separated by 3 pinstripe bars, these bars have been heavily ground to reveal the pattern near the core of the bar. The edge is 300 layers of darker Damascus steel with thin bright layers within it.

The guard and pommel are cast from bronze and have been heat patinated .

The sword has a good balance to it and would be a great cutter, without feeling too blade heavy.

I would be happy to make a sheath for this sword please enquire for a price.