Bryneleoma (Beam of Fire) – A dragon slaying sword of the Rohirrim


This is the latest collaboration sword from myself and Czech bladesmith Petr Florianek .

We wanted to make another fantasy sword yet at the same time keeping a firm grip on reality. This a very much a “real” sword but also a dragon slaying hero’s sword!

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The sword blade takes inspiration from early Saxon blades, marrying that history into Tolkien’s middle earth and the world of the Rohirrim horse lords. The blade was made by myself and the handle and scabbard are Petr’s work.

The blade takes inspiration from early Saxon patternwelded blades and has a lenticular section giving it the heft and strength needed when fighting dragons! It is important for me that anything I make has a functional reality to it. A reality based upon the imagined purpose of the object . This is the sword of a mighty horselord hero with the pride and fate of his people behind him. A sword for battling a dragon.

In Petr’s words…

I wanted to make a truly heroic sword and when given Owen’s mighty blade, I had enough inspiration to get the feel of it. The blade is hefty and long so I immediately started to picture a mounted warrior; a hero on a horse, a proto knight if you will. The inspiration for this sword is firmly set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, in the world of the Rohirrim horse lord. The motives for ornamentation are simple – he dragon on the pommel as the most powerful enemy but also a symbol to ward off evil. On the handle a series of knots representing fate being spun by higher beings. The knot on the guard symbolises oath, the oath of the horse lord bound to his people as their protector. An oath from sword to swordsman, the guard of the sword being there to protect its heroic master.

Bryneleoma has a patternwelded blade 3 core bars twisted anticlockwise, clockwise and anticlockwise, the core bars are wrapped in a high layer damascus edge . The bold core pattern contrasting the fine layers of the edge.

The tin bronze ( known as ancient bronze) guard and pommel were carved in wax and then cast. The carved handle is holm oak , the wood cored leather scabbard is lined with wool cradling the blade. There are bog oak and carved antler fittings on the scabbard slide.

Runes of the pommel ferrule say ‘OWEN’ and ‘GULLI’, short for the Nordic Mythical Golden Boar Gullinbursti which is Petr’s avatar. Runes of the guard ferrule say ‘Bryneleoma’ (Beam of Fire)

The sword weighs 3lb 15 oz and the point of balance is 6 inches into the blade.

Blade is 33 inch long and 2.5 inches wide at the hilt.

Sword overall length is 39.5 inches.

The sword feels powerful and purposeful, the sword of a horse lord of Rohan.

The sword is £6500 including the sheath (excluding post and packaging)