Blacksmith’s Knives – Straight Back


3.5 – 4 inch Forge finished one piece Blacksmiths knife with straight or curved blade.

  • Blade dimensions: 3.5 – 4 inches long
  • Blade material: Forged EN9 carbon steel.
  • Handle: Forged from the same piece of steel as the blade.

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Commonly known as the Viking Blacksmith’s knife, this knife is is also known as a Viking Knife, Blacksmith’s Knife and also a Viking Lady’s knife. I have based the design of these blades upon some iron age bog find knives from Denmark, having altered the shape a little from the original to make them more ergonomic and feel good in the hand.

The knife and handle are forged from one piece of steel. I have forged these knives to feel good in the hand, rendering them a neat and useful little side knife as well a reliable using tool.

I make these knives in small batches, and the exact dimensions, blade patterning and wood grain of the knife you receive may differ slightly from the knife in the photograph.

The blades are hardened and double tempered and the handles left unhardened and resilient.