8″ Anglo Saxon Patternwelded Broken Back Seax ref:924


8 inch Bloomery iron and steel Anglo saxon broken back seax

• Blade dimensions: 8 inches long and 1 3/8 inches wide 7mm at the broken back and 6mm at the handle.
• Blade material: bloomery iron steel / bloomery iron sandwich.
• Handle: walnut, horn, antler & brass.

Sheath is tooled leather and brass.

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This blade has been forged from bloomery iron and steel. I have smelted the core steel from iron ore I have smelted my self. This bloomery steel is sandwiched between layers of bloomery iron, that I have smelted from local siderite ore I dug from the ground myself ! Using the same techniques that are used in the making of legendary Saxon and Viking swords this is a close as you can get to an original Saxon blade! (Without time travelling!) The walnut handle has a horn antler and brass fittings and is tooled with geometrical patterns. The sheath is tooled leather depicting a Knot work dragon and the fittings are brass.

Broken back seax blades have a very distinctive and stylised geometry where the blade is thicker at the broken back and tapers towards the tip and back towards the handle.

The sheath handle and are made by Jorgen in Yorkshire and has tooled brass fittings and leather.