7.5″ Anglo Saxon Patternwelded Broken Back Seax ref:933


7.5 inch wrought iron and steel broken back seax

  • Blade dimensions: 7.5 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide 4.5mm at the broken back and 3mm at the handle.
  • Blade material: 26c3 core steel vintage wrought iron cladding.
  • Handle: walnut and copper and the sheath is leather and copper.

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This is a San mai (3 layer) construction with softer vintage bell clapper wrought iron over a core of hard high carbon steel. This has been made using the same techniques that were used for Saxon and Viking seax and knives. Broken back seax blades have a very distinctive and stylised geometry where the blade is thicker at the broken back and tapers towards the tip and back towards the handle.The long burl elm handle has a copper ferrule at the front. The sheath is made from whet fitted vegetable tanned leather and has copper fittings.