6″ Anglo Saxon Patternwelded Broken Back Seax ref:386


Patterwelded steel 6 inch broken back seax

• Blade dimensions: 6 inches long and 1 3/8 inches wide 7mm at the broken back and 5.5mm at the handle.
• Blade material: 15N20 Carbon Steel and CS80 and EN42J carbon steel, vintage wrought iron
• Handle: burl walnut copper wire wrap.

Sheath is tooled leather and tooled brass.

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This blade is a 2 bar construction. First a layer of wrought iron at the spine with an edge of random pattern damascus. The layers have been heavily dog toothed and forge welded together creating valleys and mountains of steel in the blade using the same techniques that are used in the making of legendary Saxon and Viking swords. Broken back seax blades have a very distinctive and stylised geometry where the blade is thicker at the broken back and tapers towards the tip and back towards the handle.

The burl walnut handle has a brass ferrule at the front.
The sheath is made by Jorgen in Yorkshire and has tooled brass fittings and tooled leather.