5 Day Sword Course: 4th – 8th November 2024


This is a 5 day course to forge your own sword from start to finish.

On this course we will forge a double edged, Medieval Arming sword.

To secure a place on this course a 50% deposit is required, the remainder being payable one month before the course begins. Alternatively, you may pay the full amount on booking.

6 Spaces Available

Pay a deposit of £690.00 per item


No prior experience is needed and the class will guide you through:

  • Forge safety
  • Forging the blade to shape
  • Grinding and shaping the blade
  • Thermocycling (reducing grain growth, which is an undesirable effect of over heating steel)
  • Hardening and tempering the blade
  • Fitting a cross guard, handle and pommel

We will be making a single handed, double-edged arming sword (or similar.) Cross guards and pommels and handle material will be provided for you to customize and fit to the sword.

These will be real “sharp swords” and we will have a chance to test the blades against ‘Tatami’ mats and hanging rope (time allowing.)

The course will be conducted using basic hand tools, hammer, anvil and fire. There will also be powered grinders at hand to speed the process along.

This will be an intensive 5 day course. No previous forging experience is needed. You will however need determination !