5 Day Advanced Damascus Steel Masterclass with Mick Maxen & Owen Bush

COVID-19 I am now running my 1 Day, 3 Day and 5 Day courses, with social distancing and sanitation measures in place and have limited student numbers to 5 on all classes. Please sign up to the mailing list so we can let you know when we have scheduled more courses.

This is 5 day Master Class taught by Owen Bush and Mick Maxen, covering advanced aspects of making patterwelded steel and or damascus steel.

On this course we will make Damascus steel including ‘The Fire Within’ mozaic pattern, feather pattern and canister damascus.

To secure a place on this course a 50% deposit is required, the remainder being payable one month before the course begins. Alternatively, you may pay the full amount on booking.


No prior experience is needed for this class. However we will be covering advanced techniques and will be keeping you on your toes!

  • Choosing steels that will produce a good pattern
  • Making up a billet (stacked layers of alternating types of steel forge welded together)
  • Use of flux when forge welding damascus steel by hand
  • Welding in a reducing atmosphere in a gas forge, so called “bare back welding”
  • Use of the power hammer and power press. I have a very well equipped forge with numerous power hammers and presses
  • Creating ‘the fire within’ pattern, first in plasticine and then making the pattern in steel
  • Creating feather pattern, first in plasticine and then making the pattern in steel
  • Creating canister damascus .
  • Cutting and manipulating patterns to make bladestock
  • Etching to reveal the pattern

Mick Maxen is the UK’s leading damascus maker and his meticulous patternwelding can be seen in numerous books on patternwelding. Mick is one of the few holders of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths prestigious silver medal and has the status of ‘Eminent Master Blacksmith.’

Owen specialized in Viking and Saxon patternwelding remaking a lot of patterns from historic pieces. He also specializes in making extravagant patterning for his kitchen knives including beautiful feather patterns.
Both Mick and Owen have been making patternwelded steel for over 25 years.

We will spend the first two days exploring the pattern “The Fire Within” with Mick Maxen and then spend the remaining time working on other advanced techniques such as feather pattern, firestorm and canister damascus.

We are not aiming to make any finished knives on this class but instead will be making patterned steel for you to take away from the class, to finish on your own or to bring back to another class and finish.

Although previous experience may help, this class does not require any prior knowledge or experience of damascus. It will be a chance to work on some very advanced techniques with two of the most experienced damascus smiths in the country. Each student will be allocated 10 kilos of steel for the class. If you use more than that, no problem, but steel will be charged out at £10 kilo above 10 kilos.


The course day runs from 9am - 5pm.

Safety equipment is provided for all the classes but please ensure that you have non-flamable clothing and sturdy shoes (preferably leather). No shell suits, fleeces or synthetic flammable materials (cotton and wool are perfect).

Please read the terms & conditions before booking a course.
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Please note, the minimum age to attend a class on your own is 18.