13” Wrought Iron Anglo Saxon Broken Back Seax Blade 006


Vintage wrought iron and 1095 steel san mai 13” broken back seax

• Blade dimensions: 13 inches long + tang and 1 3/4 inches wide, 4.3 mm at the broken back and 4.2 mm at the tang blade transition
• Blade material:  1095 Carbon Steel and  vintage wrought iron

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This blade is a san mai construction. San mai is a Japanese term meaning 3 layer, I wonder what the Saxons called this type of construction. This method of construction was a very common method of blade construction throughout history. The wrought iron skin giving a more supportive casing to the hard steel core. This seax has wrought iron from ancient church bell clappers as the skin and a core of 1095 steel. I have left the top third of the blade as forged as I love the look of polished forged wrought iron. These techniques are very similar techniques that are used in the making of legendary Saxon and Viking swords and indeed the famous katana that seems to steal all of the lime light from the more advanced construction methods of the Vikings and Saxons.

Broken back seax blades have a very distinctive and stylised geometry, where the blade is thicker at the broken back and tapers towards the tip and back towards the handle. The Anglo Saxon broken back seax is the iconic tool and weapon of the Saxon. And found almost exclusively in the UK. Historically the blades have lots of subtle differences in profile but often share communality with the broken back part of the blade being the thickest.

Please email if you would like a quote for me to handle and sheath this blade.