1 Day Bladesmithing Taster: 1st May 2024


This is a one day taster course forging a blacksmith’s knife.

On this course we will forge a blacksmith’s knife for you to take home.

8 Spaces Available


No prior experience is needed and the class will guide you through:

  • Forge safety
  • Using a gas forge
  • Forging the knife handle form
  • Forging the blade to shape
  • Shaping the handle by scrolling
  • Heat treating, normalising hardening and tempering
  • Blade finishing, sharpening, and edge testing

On this 1 day class we will forge a Blacksmith’s knife commonly known as the Viking Blacksmith’s knife, this knife is is also known as a Viking Knife, Blacksmith’s Knife and also a Viking Lady’s knife. I have based the design of these blades upon some iron age bog find knives from Denmark, having altered the shape a little from the original to make them more ergonomic and feel good in the hand.

This is a one piece knife with a forged handle. We will go through the basic forging, heat treating and sharpening of the blade.

At the end of the day you will go home with a fully finished and sharp knife that you have made yourself.

This is a perfect introduction to the craft of the Bladesmith.

Knife sheathes will be available for you to purchase for your knife at the end of the class.