Seax Gallery

On this page are some of the seax and seax blades that I have made.

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At first glance some seaxes can seem ungainly but as you adjust to their form they show a certain brutal elegance. The seax has taken a special place in my heart, particularly the Anglo Saxon Broken Back Seax whose influence can be seen in knives throughout the ages, culminating in the North American Bowie knife.

Seaxes were a popular knife shape in the British Isles from the 7th century until the 11th.

They exist historically in sizes from a few inches all the way up to being as big as swords and indeed some bigger.

I make seaxes, both in plain steel and patternwelded steel and often a combination of both. My inspiration is taken from history although I often use seaxes as a test bed for trying out new versions of ancient patternwelding. Recently I have started to make seaxes from home smelted ore which is a real lesson in the hard work undertaken by the smiths of old.

Seax blades range from under £100 to over £1000 and I am happy to sell the blades or to handle and sheath whole seaxes.

Some of the pieces on this page may be for sale. Please look in the for sale  page for  more details.